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You're about to discover the dark and secretive underbelly of Home Based Businesses, MLM and
Network Marketing and get only what you really want; tactics to make serious cash now.

13 Short Cuts Guaranteed to Increase Sales!
So Powerful - So Exciting - So Shockingly
Effective - You Won't Believe it til You Try it.

After 10's of 1000's of hours of prospecting spanning 30 years, working as an "inside closer" for MLM companies, becoming Top Producer in several Home Based Businesses and finally breaking several sales records in the direct marketing sector ...

We've been asked to share what we do, how we do it and why it works.  So was created and since, it's become wildly popular.

Our members discover back door closing strategies, inside track tactics and hard hitting tricks that few know, and if applied, will increase your sales.
Join PhoneTactics.Com today ... and tomorrow you will not be the same marketer!


I have never learned as much in just one lesson as I have with Karl!"
Uma Nair Sydney Australia

Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone in 1876 and soon after sales reps got a hold of it and the rest was history. designed specifically for home based business practitioners to fine tune their phone skills. 100 years later sales reps use the phone because it is still the fastest quickest easiest way to get money into your pocket when starting out.

Inside you'll find no magical mystical methods, just time tested strategies. 5 X more advanced than anything you've heard yet 10 x easier to apply.
Marketers join us because they know sooner or later they'll be on the phone talking to their prospects. The strategies and techniques inside WILL increase your sales.

" ... I'm Too Excited"

I now know without a doubt that I will no longer need to worry about growing my business. I will quietly be sitting in my home office calling 50-100 leads a day and absolutely killing it... Beautiful stuff.. oh.....get us that PDF asap.... I'm too excited... thanks.... it is truely appreciated
Brandon Davis

We know what you want and it's not rhetoric, lip service or long sermons about how great we think we are. You want the exact tactics and short cuts that are going to put cash into your pocket now; taking YOU to the next level. This is exactly what you find here at PhoneTactics.Com

 Earn $1,000's more weekly.
 Add 10-100 new customers or distributors into your organization monthly.
 Learn from s those who are already doing what you'd like to do.
 Close more sales by discovering what to say, when and how.

"... Boy Was I Wrong!"

Karl, I've been in sales for 25 years and thought that I did not need Phone Tactics. Boy - Was I wrong ! I learned a TON on just my first call with you - I'm a believer ! You were generous with your time and hit all the right notes. Now I'm a Phone Tactics Lifer !
Fraser Allport Miami Beach, FL


Shortcuts and Success Secrets Shared.

Easiest Script in the World.
So easy a little kid could do it. Get it on PDF as soon as you sign up. Use this one to make 5K monthly in any home business. It's really simple and takes all the pressure off of the call. Repeat this one script repeatedly and you will make money.

Smart Money
Smart money makes money in any home based business, MLM, or network marketing opportunity each time, every time, guaranteed. They won't use their cash, yet are still able to get started making money almost immediately, every time. How?  Discover this one technique and you'll never have money problems again.

Most Powerful Script in the World.
When you've got only one shot at closing the deal this is the script you'll want to use. If not, you'll be wasting serious time, and even worse, losing money. Apply it, and you'll make 10K monthly and beyond in any home business. Guaranteed. Nothing can go wrong using this script. Except you not using it!

Handle Any Objection 100% of the Time.
Know someone that would like all the rebuttals to all the objections? Do you have a huge organization that could use this? Join, and watch your commission checks grow.

" ... Thanks so much again"

"I checked my e-mails at 1:00 so I made it on the call. It was great. He's got a lot of energy. Thanks so much again. I learned a lot. Now I just hope I can put it into practice and change my mindset. I'm typing up a script to have in front of me and I'm surely going to try it. Karl just takes all the pressure and anxiety out of making the calls. Next!"
- Julie S.


Have you ever made a phone call to speak to a prospect and they just wanted to bully their way through your presentation? They kept interrupting you and as if they knew more about your product than you? ... Apply this one technique and your problems will be over.

What word to use to get who ever answers the phone to run like h___ and go get the person you requested to speak to.

Why you never want to greet your prospect when calling on leads purchased from lead brokers. e.g. Hi, how are you? ... Good evening!

How to get your prospects on the phone, off the phone without telling them anything, and, have them feel good about it using Karl Payne The Lead Maker's famous FedEx Man approach.

Why relationship building is overrated and why contrary to popular believe you must never attempt it when prospecting. (Say What!?)

Answer the question "So how much money are you making???" and still sign this person even though you haven't made a dime, yet. (without fibbing)

Exactly what to say when your prospects ask ... "How much is all this gonna cost me?" before they are willing to take a look at what you have to offer.

Handle grumpy husbands and shut down nosey house wives who want to know all of your business and their spouses business before they'll let you to talk them.

Stifle the question "what's this all about" when all you really want to do is get them to review your business and decide for themselves.

What you say and when you say it makes all the difference.
Join today and discover just what communication and pure desire can do. Allow us to share how anyone can make 10's of $1,000's working from anywhere.

Karl Payne Founder, PhoneTactics.Com™


How to earn in excess of $100,000 per year in any home based business just using your telephone the old fashioned way. Apply these time tested tactics and you'll be dangerous, and when and if you ever bring your business/s online you'll be invincible. This is how real marketers market, and how it was done before anyone knew what an internet was. And ...


Why high volume opportunity promoters take the position of opportunity broker vs just an individual actually doing the business, and why adopting this technique will make your sales increase.

How leaders guarantee their success in any home business regardless of what it is even if their sponsor has disappeared, quit, or gone off to work some other deal.

What one thing you must make the deciding factor when picking the perfect business opportunity, and why if you don't include this criteria in your decision making process, you'll lose all of your most important assets; i.e. your friends, money and influence.

What two words you must hear (or equivalent) from your prospects after they check out your business, and why if you don't you must end the call immediately. Those who pass on this one will waste 1000's of hours in lost time not to mention money.

Great messages to leave on message machines that are sure to get you a call back. We'll discuss what to say, what not to say and why.

How to call only those that are already closed and where to find them; and why the leads that cost less than 50 cents a piece are better than the expensive real time qualified leads that cost $3.00 - $5.00 each.

What two things top promoters do on each and every phone call, and why if you pass on either one you decrease your chance of success by 50%

Have an objection that you just can't get past? No worries. Join PhoneTactics.Com and you're sure to pick up the perfect rebuttal.

With over 100,000 encounters with prospects, we're able to bring to you Back Door Closing Strategies, Inside Track Phone Tactics and Dozens Of Hard Hitting Tricks that Will Increase Your Sales!  Join PhoneTactics.Com™ and you will be a new marketing superstar!

Brand New! Inside now! Discover the hidden source for:

Discover the hidden source for:

Creating your very own caller ID masking those YOU call.
Decoding Caller ID's so you know who's calling even if the call is restricted or private.
Disguise your voice with a mutator so even your closest friends won't recognize you.
Record all calls so you can document important information.

Just a few tiny tweaks can make all the difference.

Today Only



... and afterwards you will not be the same marketer!

"...You're Awesome!"
Hi Karl, Loved the last Phone Tactics call you conducted. You're awesome! Can't wait for the next call.

David Polanco


Live Calls Have Been Captured. Recorded. And Now Available to you as soon as you join. Thank you for reading our sales offer and thank you for allowing us to bring these time tested strategies to you. Enjoy!


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